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Reach for the Sea Vol 2 - NEW ZEALAND

"This is a rare chance to step off the tourism trail and explore New Zealand by sea." -- Richard McBride, New Zealander & Solo Circumnavigator

123 min, 16:9 © 2009 Clean Wake Productions Ltd

This film takes us on a magical voyage through the breathtaking scenery of New Zealandís rugged coastline. History is brought to life with fascinating stories of early settlers and interviews with people met along the way. Kay and Lane Finley have been cruising for many years. While in New Zealand, they spent a year sailing their 44' yacht, Mai Tai, to places where only a handful of people ever venture. These experienced sailors find both high adventure and culinary delights during this voyage of discovery.

The filming is superb and includes aerial as well as underwater footage. Film includes: Hauraki Gulf, Whangarei, Bay of Islands, Northland, Taranaki Fiordland, Stewart Island Akaroa Cook Strait, Marlborough, Golden Bay, Tasman Bay

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Reach for the Sea Volume 2

US$29.95 plus p&p

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Reach For the Sea Vol 1 Trailer

Reach for the Sea
Volume 1


US$29.95 plus p&p

Reviews - Reach for the Sea Vol 1

Review by Jimmy Cornell, Author of "Cruising Routes of the World" and many other marine titles
Creator of the ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers)

Reach for the Sea
DVD 87 minutes, Clean Wake Productions Ltd.

Kay and Lane Finley have cruised for many years in the South Pacific and their DVD is addressed to anyone planning or at least thinking of doing it themselves some day. Reach for the Sea fulfils this aim very well by providing a comprehensive overview of what offshore cruising is all about. Every possible aspect is covered, from the choice of boat to furling and reefing systems, from electrical consumption to generation, watermakers to anchoring techniques. Much attention is paid to safety, a subject that is covered in more detail than anything else, which is probably not surprising bearing in mind that sailing in New Zealand can often be quite challenging.

Rather than dealing with every subject themselves, Kay and Lane have woven into the narrative a number of interviews with boatbuilders, naval architects and a range of cruising sailors, both experienced and novices. The comments made by some of the sailors are probably the most interesting features as they best manage to convey the many attractions of living afloat.

In a DVD that lasts just under one and a half hours, some subjects are covered only briefly. This was probably unavoidable, but at least the video manages to adequately describe the attractions as well as some of the drawbacks of cruising life, and gives the viewer an idea of what may lay in store for him or her. As an introduction to offshore cruising Reach for the Sea is a well accomplished exercise that will whet many people's appetite to up sticks and follow in Kay and Lane's wake.

Reach for the Sea - an insight into what the cruising lifestyle is all about.
by Jane Pares,

Read lots of books on the cruising lifestyle? Researched hundreds of possible boats? Still searching for answers, information or inspiration to bring the cruising dream another step closer? Then look no further than Reach for the Sea by Lane and Kay Finley. After over thirty years of cruising they decided to condense all the information they'd collected into a film and to share it with others.

They started with a crew of film makers, but actually ended up finishing the project themselves - taking courses in film making, editing and producing. "We had so much fun learning new skills and meeting people!" The result is a film full of useful information, delivered through interviews with cruisers, well known yacht designers, sailmakers, riggers and boat builders.

Divided into five sections, it covers such topics as - the ideal cruising boat, sails and rigging, systems aboard, safety and a dramatic final chapter on emergency procedures using a rescue helicopter and life raft.

Shot on location in French Polynesia, Fiji and New Zealand the Finleys mix idyllic shots of Pacific Island anchorages, with practical footage and tips.

This is a great DVD for those considering the cruising lifestyle. It's a resource which you can view again and again - share it with the family, press pause for discussions on the content, rewind to catch that helpful tip one more time or just sit back and enjoy the whole visually informative experience.

Lane and Kay enjoyed making the film so much that they have started on a second. In fact they’ve become so hooked on film making that they've fitted an editing suite into their Annapolis 44 cutter, Mai Tai! By the middle of next year you'll be able to sit back and enjoy their next film on cruising New Zealand, in which they explore four favourite cruising grounds - Northland, the Hauraki Gulf and Coromandel, Marlborough Sounds and Nelson, Fiordland and Stewart Island.

This next film will be much more than a travelogue though. Woven into footage of the magnificent natural scenery of little visited places, will be aerial shots flown by Kay's son, giving a bird's eye view of tricky entrances and cosy anchorages. Kay plans to research historical snippets of each area as well as presenting information on marine reserves. As a blend of sailing, travel, history and environment, the film will have universal appeal with both sailors and non-sailors alike.

I was fortunate to see some of the spectacular footage they've already taken around Northland from aboard Mai Tai, and if it's a foretaste of what's to come, then I feel confident that this DVD will be as enjoyable as it is informative.

To get your copy of Reach for the Sea and to read more about the Finleys, visit their website

"... there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun." Chris MacCandless.